The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 2

The Best Blogging Platforms – All bizarre truth you need to know!

Who says no to extra money in the pocket, right? And who says no, when you get to pen about a topic that you really like? It sure is fun. It is cool. But, it also needs a few basics. Without the basics, you could become a failure. There are more than enough people who spend a lot of time and money but did not end up well. And then they had to try again and again, maybe the fourth or the fifth one succeeds. But that money and time… you will never get them back. So, it is always better than before you create your blog, and start writing, you know the basics. If you are really planning to create one and is searching for that “How to start” tips and what are the best blogging platforms tips, keep reading.

That is because below, you will find how to create one, tips for you to select platforms and sites, and many more.

Before discussing the best blogging platforms… –  so, what is a blog?

It could be named as a website with written articles which are usually called posts. It could be on any topic at all.


Did we just say whatever you want to be writing about?

Yeah, certainly!

This could be said as the reason why this is a more interesting method of earning. That is because you get to post about what you really love, and people will love it.

Well, for that you need to learn a few more things.

How to start a blog?

It is not hard to get started. You may think that you need the knowledge just as much as a software engineer to start one, but trust me you don’t. All you need is some basic computer knowledge, a good internet connection and overwhelming love for what you will be doing.

What will it be about?

First of all, you have to select a topic. What will you be writing about? Who will be reading it? How well do you know this topic? For how long will you be actually enthusiastic about this topic? A little brainstorming will get you on your track. Well, there is no right track. There is your track, and you better find it.


Naming requires more attention than you think it would. Your name should be catchy, clear…. And a little clever too. Describe your topic. Try to make your name unique. Put a little effort to it, this is equally important as naming your child.

Post it

You have to register before posting. For this, it is always better to do quite a bit of research before choosing the platform. Because finding the correct one of them all is the key to success. Details on this will be discussed in detail in this article.

Post your posts

This is the most exciting of them all. So, as you have decided the topic that you will be following and who you will be targeting at all you have to do is create your posts. Well, they should be attractive, easy to read, and may be written as decently as possible. Hence it is not necessary to remind that you should be careful about what you write and how you write.

Promote it

This is harder than you think it is going to be. This is the reason why your one has to be attractive and definitely unique. All you have to is get more people to read your posts. Maybe you could start by asking your friends to read it because they sure will pass it on.

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 3

How to make a blog for free?- The best blogging platforms

Well, everyone is pretty sure to be expecting to create it for free, who likes to spend right?

There are more than a few blogs writing sites available at present. Most of them are for free. Some do not expect you to be a techie at all, but some do. So, it is essential that you pick the best one that suits your expectations.

Well, the free platforms, as well as the paid ones, save you from requiring you to host it, deploy it and develop it on your own.

Which could be very boring and may get you done with your interest in the field for good if you are not a techie?

This is a list of top 10 free blogging platforms available:

  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • 000webhost
  • LiveJournal
  • Weebly
  • Posterous Spaces

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 4

What is the best?

To be honest, you cannot say that a platform is good or bad. There are ones that offer you different types of features. What you have to do is match the features with your requirements.

It all depends on you!

Whether you need it for extremely professional purposes, or whether it will be used for fun and knowledge sharing. Whether you need to connect it with your other social media accounts, how do you expect it to look like? Will you need to customize it? It is all up to you to decide, and then select.

Free sites

If you are planning to create a free online blog, here are a few free online platforms that include a lot of features one could expect.

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 51.

WordPress free blog is the most renowned and most popular platform used so far. It is rich with features and the free version offers you with many interesting features that you could wish for. It offers you with anti-spam filters, a good set of themes to choose from and ability to use custom themes, ability to use custom domains, along with 3GB free storage space.

If you are willing to use its premium version you could use instead of
Other famous users that use WordPress are Flickr, CNN’s Political Ticker, People Magazine’s Style Watch.
Pretty good company to be sharing a platform with, right?

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 6

2. is another completely free platform that could be specially used to build professional ones. It could be your business platform made free of charge. It is designed with drag and drop settings which makes it easier to use. Wix also offers you with more than a thousand of designing templates and additional tools to edit it. You will be able to craft it on your own, as much as you desire.

A very special feature of Wix is its designs being mobile responsive. It helps your beautifully crafted one to be illustrated with any amount of light on a mobile phone..

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 7

3. Blogger

This is another famous free service which is also called as Google Blogger because Google offers it. It is very famous among the beginners for its easy to use features, the very convenient interface, and good online support as well.

It does not offer custom coding which would make it safer but could be viewed as a drawback by some.

But the simple design that they offer is without a doubt best for a beginner in the field with absolutely zero knowledge in technology and coding.

However, this is not a professional platform. The themes they offer are too simple if you have professional intentions. Well, one may say that if you have professional purposes it is best for you to stick with WordPress.

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 8

4. Tumblr

Tumblr is a very famous micro platform that is completely free. It helps you create an attractive page in less than an hour. Tumblr helps you with sharing your photos, videos, posts, videos from whatever the device you will be using from wherever you happen to be.

A very special feature that Tumblr offers you is the availability to post to your Tumblr through a mail. Your blog gets its own email address. It is found in the settings page, and this feature definitely increases the opportunity of posting on the go.

If you are on the lookout for a platform that provides you with live sharing features and easy access. This is a platform which helps you to create a creative one, maybe fun and outgoing too. Moreover; this is a platform for cooler ones. Tumblr is exactly what you are looking for.

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 9

5. 000webhost

As the name well says this is a three zero platform. You will have to spend $0.00 to create your site and add its features. It is ad-free, with absolutely no hidden costs, and plenty of features to go with.

The host offers a heavy number of templates with a simple point-and-click web builder.

Users find it easy to use the 000webhost platform to create blogs and photo galleries and sub-content pages and more.

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 10

6. LiveJournal

LiveJournal is simply like a journal which you could use as a personal blog. It has a mobile version to use on the go and it could be considered as the best option if you are willing to share your personal experiences with the readers.

This is definitely not a platform to create business journals. No. Even the creators of it agree on this matter. They say that this is very much suitable to be used among friends or to be used by hobbyists.

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 11

If you want to take a step ahead of just blogging and maybe start your own website, Weebly is what you are looking for. That is because it is not just a platform to create blogs but a fully furnished website builder. And it is said that over 10 million people, especially on businesses, use Weebly to create both of these.

Weebly has an easy to use drag and drop featured interface. And it supports images, music, posts, maps, videos, and many more. There is a special iPhone app available for Weebly service users as well.

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 12

8. Posterous Space

Posterous Space is an online publishing platform that is very much similar to Tumblr.

It offers you with a great bunch of privacy deals so that you can easily manage who is looking at your posts. It is a platform that could be similarly shared for business and other leisurely topics. While using your Posterous account you can auto-update your other social media accounts through it.

Some of the social media sites currently supported by Posterous for the auto-updating feature is;

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr.

It is easy to post in this site because it has been custom built to allow quick postings. This is also used by various popular companies for their business purposes too, such as Airbnb, TweetDeck and many more.

Not so free sites

If you are willing to spend a small amount of money for your online journal, below are a few platforms that are not free, but offers you with those extra features.


This is the premium of WordPress. People most of the time confuse these two as well. The difference between these two platforms is that the .org domain platform does not include hosting. The hosting has to be provided by the user.

If you have bigger plans, maybe to expand it to a business, then this would be what you have been looking for.

If you are planning to obtain this then you should probably be ready to spend about a $40-100 for it. This value could also vary according to the domain you will be selecting.

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 13

02. Squarespace Blogging Platform

This is not simply a platform but also an online website solution. Hence, it is gaining more popularity among website builders as an alternative.

The most outstanding feature that this site offers is its possibility to align, resize and perfectly adjust the content in the block. It is laid in a grid so that you will adjust your images in a proper manner which is definitely a very hectic task in other platforms.

This platform does not have any free version.

Its standard option has a rate of $8 per month if you will be paying annually or $10 per month. This package includes 20 pages with limited bandwidth and storage.

There are two other options for you to choose from named SquareSpace Unlimited and SquareSpace Business.

The Unlimited package has unlimited storage, unlimited pages. It is $16 per month for annual payments and $20 for monthly payments.

The Business package offers you fully integrated e-commerce, with inventory tracking including the features of Squarespace Unlimited. It is $24 per month for annual payments or $30 per month.

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 14

03. is a platform that is not free but offers you with trafficking that automatically promotes your site. This is also famous as a good business platform with in-built analytics.

You have the ability to publish easily via any device, and also to sell your products. If you are willing you can get some extra revenue by selling ads on your it as well.

This will cost about $8.95 – 29.95 according to the selections you make.

What is the most secure blog software?

Though there are more than a few free platforms and many paid ones, many of us are leaned to doubt whether they will be safe. Are their possible hackers? Will this be safe? Is my personal data safe?

These are questions that are not most frequently asked but are always thought. And as a person living in the 21st century, if you do not at least doubt these, then you probably should not be creating your own site. That is because cyberspace is one of the most untrustworthy places.

Well, first it is important to say that nothing that is connected to the internet is actually safe. It is always hackable and there is always someone trying to hack it.

Even that secret you scribbled down on a piece of paper and chewed and swallowed is still not safe.

Hence, when forming, you might need to consider a platform that offers security 24/7 rather than being hundred percent unhackable.

The following keeps security a top priority and has people working to keep your accounts safe from possible hackers all 365 days a year.

The Best Blogging Platforms - All bizarre truth you need to know! 15

1. Blogger

The platform offered by Google could be considered a lot safer than other platforms. The site itself offers you the security you require. And as it is connected to the email account, your account will be safe as long as your email and its credentials are safe.

2. WordPress

This could also be considered as a safe blogging site. The admin has the responsibility to keep it safe from any possible breaches.

When choosing the best blogging platforms…

As you have read, there are more than a handful of choices on the regard of selecting a platform. But if your Blog is to be on business purposes there are ones that are more suitable and there are ones that you better ignore for the best.

Some provide you with themes that are like eye-candy so that it will be easy to promote it. But some are dull, and boring, and make you not want to look at that post ever again.

You should also be careful because your platform should actually increase your exposure on search engines especially if you are using it for your business.

Hence, take your time. Choose it wisely. Take a look at other blogs and identify how they have created it. Have they used more colorful themes? Does the interface look more ordered?

Before promoting, make sure that you have chosen the best blogging platforms from the thousands of blogging platforms. Try out a few trial versions of the platforms before actually starting. Because your platform is going to be the basement of your online business and you sure do need it to be the best out of them all.

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