What is the best hosting (2019)?

What is the best web hosting Service (2019)?

There are thousands of websites and there are loads of web hosting providers. So, it is very difficult to choose the correct and most suitable web hosting site. Hence through this article, we help you to find the best web hosting (2019).

Basically; a website is an important aspect of the modern world. A website is a collection of web pages interrelated to perform one main task. The popular websites are Wikipedia.org, google.com, and Amazon. Websites can be varying from one to another. Different organizations, businesses, companies, and government use websites. When we talk about websites WWW is something important. WWW is found by Tim Berners Lee for the first time. In order to publish these websites, web hosting needs to be done. Web hosting is a service provided to post websites or web pages on the internet. Internet is an interconnected network which consists of such websites and web pages. So once the websites are hosted, they can be searched with the domain name or website address. Each website possesses a unique web address. Due to the development of this, the web developing and web hosting are very popular topics in the modern world due to this.

Let us dig up more about this!


Best Web Hosting (2019)

Due to the development of technology, selecting the best web hosting should be done properly. Hence most of the businesses, organization, as well as the government, get connected to people mostly via their websites. So, the attractiveness, user-friendliness, cost, and uptime decide the success of the whole organization or business. Therefore, the client cares much about finding the best hosting site in order to develop their site. Once you select the web hosting site you must also identify whether your company/organization could afford the price of it. Affordable hosting is a brave selection of one’s company.

Most of the hosting companies want you to own your domain in order to host them. If not, they will help you in purchasing a new domain name that is suitable for your best site.

Following are a few things you need from the hosting provider:

  • Email Accounts
  • FTP Files Upload
  • Web site building tools
  • Website
  • Databases

Email Accounts: Once you own your domain you can create your own email address according to the domain name you purchase.

FTP Access: This lets the user upload files from the local computer to the web server.

WordPress: This is an online website design tool which helps in blogging and website content management system. This is identified as an appropriate and easy way of creating and managing a website.


Attention: Tips to know before choosing the best web hosting!


Good Cheap Web Hosting:

When you choose the web hosting provider you should pay much attention to their cost. The economy is more important where your company/organization should be able to afford the cost of the website. If you spend all your income on the website, it will do nothing on your business. So, your intelligence is needed when investing in developing your website.


Don’t Get Caught To Their Pricing Tricks!

Most of the web hosting vendors start their price with lower level but when they develop the website, they will increase the price with it. Therefore, the client should have more knowledge about such pricing tricks of those tricky vendors. You can get out of this situation by signing up a contract but even in this situation they sign the contract with low price level for few months until the end of the introductory period then they jack up the pricing after it ends. This can be mostly 24 or even 60 months after signing up.


Trustworthy Provider.

In any industry the trustworthy people are important. Hence, when you find the web hosting vendor, pay attention to his trustworthiness. Same like that someone can act to be real but they might resell contents which do not belong to them which will let you into some trouble. So, pay much attention to the buyers who have dealt with them and the period they have been in the industry or get information from people who might know them personally.



If you do not know the legal and commercial complications of building a website, try to get external support. Hence before publishing the website, it should be legally and commercially correct.

So, here's the time you are waiting for. Let's find out the most popular and best web hosting sites in 2019. The following report is made from average uptime, speed, and cost for the 6-12-month plan. This report considers the period from 2017 December to 2018 September.


Top 10 Web Hosting



In accordance with the recent researches, BlueHost has been contributed for hosting more than 2 million websites in the world. They are recorded as one of the most popular and less expensive hosting providers. This site has ranked mostly for its reliability. They have much experience in this field for many years which is also a plus point in choosing them in your web hosting. They possess a staff of 750 employees which also ensures quality and speed. The Load time of them has rated as 425ms (5th in speed). Uptime of their web hosting has rated as 99.99% (1st in uptime).

They provide support services such as live chats. (it is reported that they reply in average response time as 5min). They host around 2,000.000 websites and blogs since 2003 and moreover, they have been recommended by the most popular org which is also an additional qualification in rating them under the best 10 web hosting providers.

best web hosting Service BlueHost
  • Load time = 425ms
  • Uptime =99.99%
  • Cost= $3.95/mo. (3-year plan)
  • Live chat is available as customer support. (Response in 5minutes)

HostGator Cloud:

Though this is not a much famous provider they have silently gone a long way in this field of web hosting. They possess a very strong uptime of 99.97% as we all know the uptime is very important when you select your web hosting provider. Hence, they have done their job by showing a great uptime from a small period of their development which surprised many of the popular web hosting providers. They also improved in performance and they gave additional features to their customers such as a special discount which created a great competition in the field of web hosting. Their price ranges were from $4.95/month from a basic package to $13.98/month for premium. They are hosting around 600,000+ websites around the world.

best web hosting Service HostGator
  • Load time= 419ms (They have ranked 4th in their speed)
  • Uptime = 99.97% (Ranked 12th in uptime)
  • Cost = $2.99/mo. (3-6-month plans)
  • Live chat is available as customer support. (Response in 3 minutes)


They have a great performance in this field. They have paid their attention to all the three fields such as the speed, uptime, and support. They possess a high uptime of 99.99%. They had 20 outages in the last year but they showed a great development by increasing 2000+ outages. They showed a faster loading time than the 890ms average load times of other web hosts. They also paid much attention to customer service where 300 people are engaged in their customer service. The wordpress.org have recommended the SiteGround and their BBB rating is “A”. Moreover, they host around 800,000+ sites (Founded in 2004).

best web hosting Service siteground
  • Load time= 714ms (12th in speed)
  • Uptime=99.99% (2nd in uptime)
  • Cost= $3.95/mo. (1-year plan)
  • Live chat is available as a customer service. (Response in 2 minutes)


They have been able to hosts and deal with around 29 million clients in 178 countries around the world. They allow their clients to make the sites using customer freedom is one special feature of Hostinger. They also offer tons of free features and privileges to their customers. They possess a high uptime, fast load time, 30-day money back guarantee, customer support and many more features. They have been founded in 2004 and they have been working hard to keep their name famous in the market since then and therefore they were able to become a great web hosting company by dealing with 29 million clients over 178 countries as mentioned before. This web hosting provider is known as one of the cheapest hosting at the present.

best web hosting Service Hostinger
  • Load time=385ms (2nd in speed)
  • Uptime=99.87 (25th in uptime)
  • Cost=$1.45/mo. (4-year plan)
  • Live chat is available as customer support. (Response in 2 minutes) 


This is also one of the cheapest hosting partners available. The main feature of these providers is that they have enhanced the security options and most of all they have a great feature of daily backups. They could connect with third-party applications such as google apps, PayPal and many more. They also have the 30-day money back guarantee. Ipage is an EPA Green Power Partner which means it is powered by wind energy.

best web hosting Service ipage
  • Load time=821ms (17th in speed)
  • Uptime=99.98% (8th in uptime)
  • Cost=$1.99/mo. (3-year plan)
  • Live chat is available as customer support. (Response in 12 minutes)

A small orange:

It possesses a great uptime of 99.9% and a fast load time. Their page speed is higher than the industry average. They use a friendly and helpful way to support their customers. Their pricing is also not high. They follow an honest and understandable way in connecting with their clients which have led to developing a great transparent business with one another. They practice a policy of 90-day money back guarantee. They have started their company in 2003 but later they developed it further into a great level by placing a popular and trusted name in the market. This hosting is famous for hosting small websites.

best web hosting Service A small orange
  • Load time=821ms (17th in speed)
  • Uptime=99.98% (8th in uptime)
  • Cost=$1.99/mo. (3-year plan)
  • Live chat is available as customer support. (Response in 6 minutes)


They give great customer support very faster and quicker. The load time of it is higher than other hosts sites in this competitive field. Knowledgeable and friendly support is given by the support center. It also promises 97-day money back guarantee. Once they were an expensive hosting provider but within a few years, they have introduced certain reductions in their price ranges and have reduced their prices for a greater level. Most of the companies try their best to provide an unlimited bandwidth but most of them are unsuccessful in doing so but the DreamHost have achieved to provide an unlimited bandwidth which is also an advantage for all DreamHost clients. Moreover, in this field, the amount of electricity wastage is high as they have to power so many servers hence this provider have reduced the impact on the environment. They are carbon neutral by been an AKA Green. They have been founded in 1996 and they awarded as the “best web hosting service".

best web hosting Service DreamHost
  • Load time= 710ms (11th in speed)
  • Uptime=99.95(18th in uptime)
  • Cost=$2.59/mo. (3-year plan)
  • Live chat is available as customer support. (Response in 6 minutes)

A2 Hosting:

This is noticed as the fastest shared hosting provider. They also provide faster customer support. They use friendly and helpful means to contact their clients.  They also possess a free hacker scan which in protecting and keeping the site safe.  They also install popular content management like WordPress in their management.  They also provide 30-day money back guarantee. In addition to that, they provide free virus scanning and free content delivery network. They support the environment and helps in creating a green world by green web hosting. They have been founded in 2002 and they have hosted around 200,000+ websites. According to the WordPress test, it is rated as the fastest in page load time.

best web hosting Service A2Hosting
  • Load time=376ms (1st in speed)
  • Uptime=99.91% (23rd in uptime)
  • Cost=$3.92/mo. (3-year plan)
  • Live chat is available as customer support. (Response in 8 minutes)


This report is done by examining the personal plan of West Host in June 2015 and according to that, we can see a huge increase in their uptime and speed. They will provide you with a free domain name which can be used as long as user host the website. They also provide a free migration and a 30-day money back guaranty which will be a piece of great news for the clients.  Most of the providers make the website but you will have to stay hours to get the activation but with this provider, you will not have to suffer like that. They will activate your site instantly.  They have shown a very powerful security system and most importantly they have got backup during the night time. They have been founded in 1998 and they have been joined with UK2 Group in 2008 and now it is one of the cheapest web hosts on the list.

best web hosting Service WestHost
  • Load time=893ms (19th in speed)
  • Uptime=99.93% (20th in uptime)
  • Cost=$1.99/mo. (1-year plan)
  • Live chat is available as customer support. (Response in 14 minutes)


They have shown a great uptime of 99.9% within the 10-month period great pros on this provider. Their rapid development has taken the eyes of many businesses and clients of this field. They have got a quick support ticket response and all their services are very cheap in rates. They have been in this field since 1998 and they spread their branches in the UK, Ukraine, and India. They also joined with UK2 group in 2007.

  • Load time= 1093ms (27th in speed)
  • Uptime=99.99% (3rd in uptime)
  • Cost=$3.95/mo. (1-year plan)
  • Live chat is available as customer support. (Response in 3 minutes)

Moreover, there are many types of web Hostings!


Personal website hosting:

These sites are used to publish one's own ideas online quickly and faster. Such sites need to be hosted which is called personal website hosting. Most clients are job seekers under this category.


Virtual server hosting:

This is a collection of both shared and dedicated hosting which means these hybrid hosting can be used to host single or multiple companies under a single account.


Managed web hosting:

Enter your text here This can be also known as dedicated hosting because it is an extension of it. Simply it means that all the hardware support is given by the hosting provider and is leased by the single client. The term managed to host connected with different levels of management which is a vast concept to be explained....

hence by considering all the facts discussed so far, we can come into a clear understanding of selecting the best web hosting provider. So before choosing your provider always think of the availabilities, prohibitions(limits), income and expenses of the company. Moreover, pay much attention to the three main aspects cost, uptime and load time of the hosting provider. So, one can come into a better conclusion and find the best web hosting (2019). The web hosting provider which is good for one will not be as same for another therefore by considering your website select the best web hosting vendor. Be brave and find your best web host!

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    I shifted my webhosting from GoDaddy to Sitegroung recently and trust me its awesome. I completely agree to your review but I think Siteground should be ranked First. Me being a non techie, they helped me transfer my website safely and set it up for me too. They also have excellent customer service.

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