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How to register a domain name for your website?

If a person needs to start a website, they have to register a domain name. Every website needs to have its own unique domain name. a domain name is used to recognize a network. Moreover, any name which is registered in the main server which is known as the domain name server (DNS) is a domain name. However, to host a site you need to have a domain name. Some hosting providers provide a domain name to the client but some ask the client to buy a domain name. However, let us discuss how to register a domain name.


How to register a domain name?

The process of getting a domain name involves registering with an organization called ICANN. Whatever the name you purchase you have to pay a sum amount of money every year. As an example, if your name is name.com and if that name costs $10 you will have to pay that amount annually. The purchase domain name will be owned only by one person or company. There are different types of web hosts; some register the domain for free but some hosts register it while you have to pay the fee.

Mostly it is better to register your own name personally rather than giving it to the hosting provider. Some hosting providers who register your domain name may register on their name rather than using your name, therefore, it better to register your domain alone by yourself. There is a huge problem in this field because some people claim that most of the domain name which is really highlighting products are taken. Therefore, new companies have very less selection.


Reasons to have a domain name

  • Even your company’s physical location changed you will not have to change your domain name because domain name will go with you on any location you are.
  • if your website is a business website then you will get much credit when you own a domain name because the customers may not like to deal with a business without a proper domain name.
  • If you own a domain that will definitely define your business name, therefore, the customers can remember it very well and they can connect with you easily.
  • This will also attract sponsors and it will definitely help you grab more attention of the customers.

Domain Name Registration


Choosing a domain name:

Enter your text First of all, you will have to choose good domain names which matches your company or organization name and which grabs the attention of the people. The domain name is very important because it will decide the success of the website.here...


Buy domain name:

Then you will have to buy that domain name, therefore, you need to have a credit card or a PayPal account. This is very important if you didn't have these you will not be able to buy your domain name. So, check these out before continuing the process.

Get the names of the primary and secondary servers of your web host (if you have one) else you can ask to save the domain name in a temporary location until you get a web host.


Web registration:

Finally, at the registrar's site, they will check the availability of your domain name and after the registration, you be able to own that name.

Following list shows the names of various name registrars available.

They sell .com domain for $10.69 and you will get many free options through this as; free email forwarding, web direction, domain name parking, etc.


This is one of the famous and biggest name registrars in the world. Their price is $9.99 for .com domains.


This is one of the popular registrars in the USA and their prices for a .com domain is $11.99.


This provides a very cheap service and they sell .com domains for $9.99.


Top level domain names.

This is maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

  • .com – This means This is an open top-level domain which is available to use by anyone who develops their site in order to excess for the whole world. Anyone can use this including non-profits and private business etc.
  • .org – This means This is also an open top-level domain which can be used by anyone but this was permitted at first for nonprofit organizations.
  • .net – This means to This is also an open top level domain which can be used by any person or company but at the initial point, this was used by domain pointing to a network which distributed computers.
  • .int – This means international organizations. This can only be used by organizations, offices and treaty programs.
  • Edu – This means This is limited only for higher education institutions.
  • .gov – This means This can be used only by the government, country, state, and local municipal government.

Moreover, there are many country code top-level domains like .lk (Srilanka), .nl (Netherland), .qa (Qatar).


Following shows how to buy a domain name in 05 simple steps:

  1. 1
    Choosing a name.
  2. 2
    Finding the availability.
  3. 3
    Pick the best option under the domain names with availability.
  4. 4
    Finalize the order.
  5. 5
    Verify the ownership.

Hence by considering all the facts above you can have a clear vision about the domain address. The above facts help to choose a domain, buy domain and many more steps to complete before the registration. Therefore considering all the facts described above be pretty sure of choosing the best domain name which will grab the attention of the people which will positively effect on your business or organization.as you spend a lot of money in hosting your website and buying a domain name you should invest on this in a brave manner.

As if you lose any amount on this issue it will affect your whole business. Moreover, pay attention to the laws and regulations of the country and develop the website with the best domain name and make your website attractive which will definitely help you to produce more sale. So, choose better!

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